Eat Well For Less – Brizzle style


For a few weeks now we have been trying to make sly swaps in our food shop. Swapping branded things like Heinz and Hellmann’s to ASDA’s own Smart Price. Some of you might wince or cringe at the thought but have you ever actually looked at the packaging for content or nutritional value? Is your weekly shop 100’s of £’s?

Our inspiration was clearly the Channel 4 TV show Eat Well for Less where they film an average family of 4 in the UK on their weekly spend on food. They gradually swap things or don’t swap things in order to save that family money so they can spend it on a massive holiday or a wedding etc. We are doing the same. We want to see how much we can save.


20170723_192027In the above picture – we will be swapping all of these.

# THE BEST BIT – THEY’RE ALL DAIRY FREE! Mainly the pastry in the pies and the garlic bread… who would have thunk it? You might think ‘hmm well that’s because its chemicals’ or whatever but do you know what… it will do for a couple of months to ensure we save money. And if we can save a lot in a month, then we can go out to restaurants more often and eat ‘nicer’ food.

A couple of things have not been so good like the ‘Diet cola’ and the ‘ham’… that we wont be swapping but out of a lot of things… that’s not too bad!

This was our meal last night – it cost a grand total of 50p EACH (and we secretly like cheap school dinner sausages :))



over and out.



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