Top things to do with the mighty chickpea!

Aside from the fact that I am loving the word ‘aquafaba’ at the moment, which is the water or juice in canned chickpeas… the actual chickpea is extremely versatile, a part of a vegans staple diet and just all round good for you. See some ideas below for what you can do with a can of mighty chickpeas.

– Chickpea, carrot and courgette fritters: Great for a snack and really easy to whip up! I serve mine with a generous amount of houmous (which takes me to my next point). Check it out from my ‘recipes’ section.

Houmous: There are loads if varieties of houmous/hummus/houmus or however you want to spell it. Whip up a couple of cans of chickpeas in a blender with some tahini, garlic, olive oil and herbs and you have a simple houmous to have with literally everything and anything.

– Spicy chickpea korma: Chickpeas really bulk out a veggie or vegan curry and give max flavout too. Use 1 can of washed chickpeas to make this curry found in my ‘recipes’ section and let me know what you think!

I hope I have inspired you a bit to enjoy a veggie starter, accompaniment or meal one day. Leave a comment or let me know somehow what you think!

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