My Top 5 Vegan Snacks

Hi guys! I am going to share my top 5 vegan snacks (and sorry I don’t have photos of them) below. Let me know if theyre your favourite too!

  1. Hippeas. Cheese & love flavour. You can buy them in Holland & Barratt for £1.19 for a small snack size bag or get a large bag (my personal fave) from Asda for £1.99! They are actually really cheesey tasting and I find I do miss cheese flavoured things… (not necessarily cheese though! Weird).
  2. Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger. From Holland & Barratt you can buy little nuggets of dark chocolate crystallised ginger. We love them!! Good to settle your tummy too. They cost £2.69 for 250g bag. We snack on these a few nuggets at a time after dinner then fold the packet up and put them away! Theyre quite fiery so doubt you could eat the whole pack in one sitting.
  3. Smoothies. For a morning snack that is a bit healthier, I whizz up banana, spinach, almond butter, almond milk, oats, a squeeze of agave and chia seeds. I always feel like its a great start to my day and since being vegan we have had a lot more smoothies! Its a sure fire way to make sure you get raw goodness in your bodies quick! Delicious too.
  4. Oreo’s. These are always a good idea in a vegan’s world! Crush them to make a base for a sweet pie, crumble over nice cream or simply finish the whole pack in one! Oops! Asda are selling them for 50p. Can’t go wrong with that.
  5. Nuts. Our cupboard always has an endless supply of nuts and dried fruit so I tend to make granola out of it. See my Easy Granola recipe for more! I shop in Grapetree and H&B for big bags of nuts.

So I hope these inspire you a bit and even if you are not vegan… you never know you might accidentally be eating vegan more than you think.


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