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New to the vegan world, I can appreciate a whole world of flavours! I wish I found veganism earlier in my life. It was easier for my partner and I, as we were already living a dairy free life so not really missing cheese! This isn’t to say it would be difficult for any cheese lovers out there – after about 28 days you start to forget about those cheese cravings! Neither of us miss meat either!

I started off doing Veganuary and you learn quite a bit about veganism. With these new found facts in my mind, we decided together to carry on veganism as our new lifestyle. I couldn’t do it without my partner though!

Luckily I love cooking and experimenting. It isn’t boring like you might think. People have so many questions to ask when you go vegan – “Do you only eat a bowl of veg?” “Where do you get your protein from though?”. These are good questions, when you genuinely want to know the answer… not when you want to try to ruin veganism for someone who is actually changing the world and making it a better place.

My partner and I are not the type of extreme activist vegans and will only suggest it to people who show an interest. No, we don’t feed our cats a vegan diet and no if we had children we probably wouldn’t feed them a vegan diet either (although both of these are do-able!) It is extremely healthy and we both feel amazing for it. In our bodies and our minds. Flavours just burst out of everything we eat now and I have learnt that cow’s milk actually leaves a film on your tongue over a long period of time. This stops you from being able to experience the full flavour of something. We have also learnt that meat doesn’t really have a flavour (apart from lamb and smoky pork products) – it is all about the herbs and spices packed into them that gives it the taste you think you need.

I have always loved food and will continue to do so.

Follow my blog for up to date posts to see how we do veganism and if you are interested, message me and I can help further…


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