Veganuary Inspo.

I have been vegan for one year since 1st January 2019! And I am so excited about it I could tell the whole world. It really was the best decision I ever made and so I urge everyone to try Veganuary for yourself (and then stay vegan like we did!)

I wasn’t and still not really into watching all of those horrible documentaries about veganism… but had my love for animals to help me through. The biggest thing that helped me transition was going through it with my partner. He says he couldn’t have done it without my love for cooking and experimenting and I couldn’t have done it without his motivation and strong willpower! Now look at us!

So below are some tips to get you started:

  1. BE PREPARED – You really should be prepared before the working week ahead and cook all lunches and dinners if easier for you. I love a Sunday where I buy all my food shopping (including going to Bristol Fruit Market) and cooking up a storm to box up for week ahead. Check out some recipes I have done before.
  2. READ ALL LABELS – Get used to checking out the labels on the backs of products. Whatever you do – don’t JUST look for the words ‘vegan’ on the front as there are 1000s more products out there that are vegan if you just get savvy with the ingredients. Try making your own too – check out my smoothie and soups recipes.
  3. BREAD ISN’T THE ONLY FILLER – You can actually feel quite unhealthy if you just eat bread because you think it will be the only thing to fill you up. This is so wrong! Brown carbs are better than white, but I always go for beans. Black beans in Mexican dishes, cans of mixed bean salad for… salads, baked beans with for sweet potato jackets. There are so many out there!
  4. MEAT SUBSTITUTES ARE GOOD BUT EXPENSIVE – ‘Meat free’ burgers and sausages etc that you find in the frozen aisle are all well and good but if that is the only thing you eat then yes veganism will be costly. Don’t get me wrong, Iceland’s vegan range is amazing and Sainsburys, Aldi, Asda and now M&S have all really stepped up but I have these only as a treat every now and then. Be prepared to cook your own food from scratch if you worry about time. Also – remember, the more we spread about veganism, the more industries and companies will get to know about it so might even bring prices of these foods down!
  5. EXPERIMENT – Try new combos, new flavours, new herbs and spices. We found that sausages of the pig variety and all meat for that matter only really tasted like herbs and spices… its what put with them that people enjoy! I have a cracking burger recipe on my ‘Recipes’ section – check it out! Vegan food is definitely not boring.

I hope these help you! Let me know if they do 🙂 Thanks and enjoy!


Vegan swaps.

  1. Apple sauce is a great swap for butter – in baking! But it will make it more dense.
  2. Flax/Chia egg to replace normal eggs in baking – Mix ground chia seeds with water to create the same consistency!
  3. Avocado can also replace butter but be sure to increase the amount of wet ingredients to compensate.
  4. Agave nectar instead of non vegan sugars. Use 2/3 cup of agave for every 1 cup sugar.
  5. 1 medium mashed banana can replace 1 egg – in baking!
  6. Coconut oil is another one that can replace butter.
  7. Molasses can be used in a 1:1 to substitute honey.
  8. Maple syrup is another alternative to sugar – use 3/4 cup to every 1 cup of sugar.
  9. Nutritional yeast (nooch) in place of cheese. It works! Kind of…
  10. Cashews in place of parmesan cheese – just blend 3/4 cup cashews, some nooch, garlic and salt!


If anyone would like to try out a vegan diet for any particular reason, whether it be for the animals, your health, the environment etc. This website really was my inspiration. They send daily emails to help you stay motivated and as I have not touched meat or even wanted meat for nearly 3 months then I would say I am #winning.

Food Illustrations.



Glooten-Free Breakfasts.


Oysters in Paris!



French macaroons!


DUCK EGGS! New obsession… on a bit of toast with ham 🙂


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